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MorningStar Software is here to help simplify the day to day processes in your center so you can focus on what really matters…your clients. With 25 years of experience creating software for shared workspaces, we are here to help you improve the performance of your shared workspace by offering a comprehensive collection of features specifically designed for the shared workspace industry and your center including eCommerce, meeting room calendar management, network and VoIP management solutions.

Streamlined Billing Process

Get rid of all the paperwork and hours of manual billing with our streamlined billing process! Your client invoices are generated and emailed directly through Morningstar, including the integration of copiers and to automatically upload through Morningstar.

FedEx Discounts

Increase your profits and save your customers money with our FedEx discounts. Not only will you receive volume pricing, but you won’t have to deal with the headache of reconciling shipments on an invoice back to your clients. Morningstar provides an automated reconciliation for you!

Lead Tracking

Never fall behind on your lead follow up or lose that piece of paper that you have someone’s name and number written on. With our CRM database, you can input all of your client information and receive an email the day the follow up is due. It’s an easy way to keep you on track and help increase profitability at your center.

Book It Now!

Looking to increase your conference room revenue? With Book It Now, you can open up your conference rooms to anyone looking for a place to meet in your area. When users navigate to your site, they view available conference rooms, book them and pay online. By the time they get to your center for the meeting, all the administrative work is done.

Sign Up Now!

Looking for a way to sell more virtual offices? If so, Sign Up Now is for you! Prospective clients can browse your available virtual plans and sign up on the spot.

Customer Portal

Create your own customer convenience portal where your clients can request service, reserve and review conference rooms, view current and past invoices as well as pay their monthly invoice online.

Phone Management

Manage new phone number allocation and phone configuration directly in MorningStar Software. Easily change call routing and more.

WiFi & Network Management

Manage WiFi codes for clients and guests directly in MorngingStar. Set expiration times for guest codes and reset client passwords easily. Office VLAN management as simple as assigning an office to a client. Instant private network setup for clients.

3rd Party Integrations

Our API supports integration with 3rd party resellers such as Davinci Meeting Room and LiquidSpace. Contact us for more details.